Spokesperson, narrator - BAE Systems - State of Mind Initiative



Cathy articulately voices technical and relatable audio & video nonbroadcast programs for HR, various departments, computer training modules, employee training programs, recognition events, and product pitches to Washington, DC.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (US General American - GenAM)


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The state of Mind initiative is both powerful and innovative, philosopher Sidney Banks says, peace of mind is just one thought away and you can find that thought. Now dr George Baranski and associates are working with teams at B A. E. Systems to help us apply the principles for a healthy state of mind. The goal is to create the best possible work environment. Don Donovan and the leadership team recognized that a healthy attitude and peace of mind are all about well being. They want these principles shared because improving our state of mind is the very foundation of great corporate performance and personal happiness. In a multi day offsite retreat, they identified four tenants to help target the state of mind approach, acknowledgement, responsibility or ownership intent and her mission. The first step is acknowledgment. Now, following the tenants, the state of mind is an ongoing journey that starts with fresh thinking, no limitations. Your E W E P leadership is dedicated to creating a positive culture that encourages all of us not only to survive but to thrive both professionally and personally. Now, the closing comment as you've heard everyone benefits when our heads and hearts are in the right place, creativity, resilience, intelligence and goodwill abound in a healthy environment. A vital step in creating that culture is to reset our thinking much in the same way as we would reboot our computer enjoy this process as we all gain wisdom and understanding of how to apply the state of mind approach. I'm OK, You're OK now we have the opportunity to get even better together