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Commercial scripts ranging from Skechers to The Humane Society, with a fun Mazda MX5 bit.

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because you worked hard for this moment, enjoy it. Coors light made to chill. Behold the juiciest, crispy ist mouth, watery ist chicken sandwich ever created. Mcdonald's crispy chicken sandwich. Experience it for yourself. Today, this was the first Harley Davidson motorcycle rolled off the lot in 19 oh three. This is the Harley Davidson Livewire. We've come a long way, but the Spirit is still the same Sergeant Michael Arroyo lost his legs in Iraq. But thanks to tunnels to Towers, the a royal family has a mortgage free home in a good neighborhood, so their future is bright. Once again meet Marilyn, she's a huge giver and she's got a secret weapon to help her keep on giving amazon smart recommendations. The world doesn't need another fancy razor with space age technology. What it needs is a simple razor that gets the job done, enter one blade from Philips Norelco, the one blade for every type of beard. Mhm