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10 miles north of the Rio Grande. Life could be tough around here, but the sun still rises every day on the true heroes. Rise with it. Hey there, I'm big techs pulled out of San Pedro late one night, the moon and the stars were shining bright. We was driving up Grapevine Hill, passing cars like they were standing still. All of a sudden, in the wink of an eye, Cadillac sedan passed us by. I said, Boys, that's a mark for me. By then, the tail light was all you could see. My Pappy said, Son, you're going to drive me to drink it If you don't stop driving that hot Rod Lincoln High folks while we're here, saddle up the family. Come on down to Wild Willy's burgers in York, Maine, for the best burgers you haven't tasted. Take your pick certified Angus beef. Finally, farms Natural beef lo are famously Nintendo Bison Burger. We also have great chicken sandwiches and hot chili. And don't forget the Hancock County Fair fries or melt in your mouth. Top it off with the real draft root beer. Homemade Franklin. You'll be back while Willis Berger route. Want your thing closed Mondays. Visit the website Wild Willy's burgers dot com. Yeah, howdy there, folks. They call me Cowboy Slim, and I'm just settling in a bit by the fire before I hit the knapsack here in a few had me a fine campfire dinner this evening. Got quite a few miles under the saddle today, expected to catch up with some banditos tomorrow. They don't think nobody's coming, so I got a bit of an edge on him, so we'll catch me some shut eye, get moving in the morning with a pot of stiff coffee and then track down some bad hombres and fetch me a fine reward.