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    Prospector Voices

    The prospector is a character who surveys areas for valuable resources. The prospector character is optimistic and analytical, looking for precious metals, oil or rare wildlife. The prospector character is adventurous and enjoys rural or remote areas. The prospector character is also a good salesman, convincing financiers to fund his or her explorations. The prospector character has a high degree of intelligence, focusing his or her effort on areas likely to have resources, and performs analysis on the terrain to prove or disprove those estimations.

    The prospector character usually works alone in remote areas, but he or she can also be part of a team. Prospector characters are often more introverted, and enjoy the adventure of exploring the unknown. When a prospector character is working, he or she may use many tools, electronic and manual, to scan the area, collect samples, and test the composition of said samples for the desired mineral or metal. Once the resource is found, the prospector character, if not already hired by a mining company, may pitch it to numerous companies. The prospector character is convincing and optimistic, focusing on the positive findings of his or her analysis. The prospector character may be disappointed and be in rough financial straits if the area prospected did not have any resources. Often, the prospector character will have to find another job, in or outside of the natural resources sector, quickly to cover expenses for his or her living situation.

    Prospectors are rarer characters, but they are popular in many forms of media, especially those surrounding the American gold rushes. Fictional and non-fictional movies or shows about the gold rushes have many prospector characters in them. Another prospector character is Stinky Pete, the prospector toy from Pixar’s Toy Story 2. Looking at job descriptions, interviews and training videos for prospectors, as well as integrating the core personality traits of a prospector into your persona, will give you a voice so valuable clients will think they struck gold finding you!