British Wizard Character Voice: Perfect for Game Trailers, Game Guide



With one exception (the story of the Wizard & The Queen), these are all extracted from game trailer/kickstarter work I've delivered to clients.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Senior (55+)


British (General)


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Have you ever heard of the tunes for kids? Magical book of songs and love about it that is said to take you on a different journey to a different place each and every time you open it. In the age of antiquity, warriors often decorated their shields with patterns and mythical creatures, a process that over time became known as the art and science of heraldry. Don't forget to explore secrets. Fantastic and familiar alike are waiting for you to discover them. Many see gold, Some search for God and others fight for glory. Whatever the reason, most will perish. Will you survive the expedition? A guide to caramel, the city of lanterns and the court of pale roses where the gnomes holds sway. All this and more laid bare. One can even glean the forbidden knowledge of the gods of shadow and their servants. Long, long ago in the wildlands two miles outside of the Great Kingdom, there lived or wizard, though he had once been young and powerful. Over time, he had grown old and crafty and bitter. He had been cast out by the Queen of the Kingdom, who had become fearful of him after he had employed dark magic to crush her greatest enemy. Cooper. We brought you here because we need your help. You and your friend are the most experienced team in town. We are after two cars, fog and mad Jet fog is the one you are after this morning. We don't know his real name. He has the ability to create a large cloud of smoke to escape mad jets. Full name is Maddox. Jet. I think his name reflects his capabilities.