Chelsey B.'s Skills


If you're looking for a voice that sounds knowledgeable, rich and natural, I'm your artist. I'm known for cold-reading scripts with no errors, and can modify my delivery to be more conversational or more authoritative, depending on what the script and client call for.

I've worked as a writer/producer and voiceover artist for The Weather Channel, VICE News and Spectrum Autism Research News. I’ve also worked as a course narrator for Seton Hall Law School for the past five years and have recorded a number of audiobooks that are available on Audible.

I have a full set of professional recording equipment available at home, including the AT4040 microphone condenser microphone, a Scarlett Solo USB audio interface and a DBX 286s microphone pre-amp. I’m proficient at using Adobe Audition to edit voiceover and have taken Mike Russell's Podcast Production Course. I’m a hard worker, a creative thinker and can deliver assets quickly.

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