CJ has both a compelling storyteller quality and vocal intelligence which permeates his narration reads. Well-established and highly experienced in the worlds of narration VO and audiobooks, Emerson should be your top choice for these types of projects.

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in today's overpopulated and modern world of surf exploration, it has become more and more challenging to find that truly unique surf adventure in the northeast corner of brazil where the amazon River empties into the atlantic ocean, there exists a natural phenomenon called the poor Arocha. The poor Roka is one of the world's only searchable tidal waves. The wave comes each year during the lunar equinox when the full moon crosses the equator and creates the earth's most extreme tides. During this time, the amazons tide shift is so great that the incoming water surges from the ocean up the river and creates a destructive wall of water that travels upstream for almost 50 km. As the tidal surge pushes up the river, it mysteriously transforms into a miraculous surfing wave that breaks continuously for almost two hours because of its rare occurrence and remote location. The poor roka has been witnessed by few and surfed by even fewer. We set out with japanese surf star morrow no, and an international team of surfers on an expedition to find the poor Roka and ride the longest wave of their lives. For mar and our team of surfers, it was a once in a lifetime journey and a chance to have one of the most unique surf experiences in one of the most exotic locations in the world