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welcome to this risk management training program for Lockheed's risk management division. It has been designed to empower you to keep your project safe. Working through this Web based training course will take about 40 minutes. Rest assured. No personal details will be saved for future use. However, we need your name for the certificate you will receive at the end of this class at the beginning of our journey. Please join us for some scenarios that show how risk management can have a great impact on our daily lives. Fukushima, Japan Following an earthquake and subsequent flooding, an accident occurred at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear Power Station. A large quantity of radioactive material was released. The incident caused significant human suffering and rendered large stretches of land uninhabitable. The clean up operation will take decades and cost hundreds of billions of dollars. The Fukushima accident could have been prevented by rigorous risk management. Preflight check. Frankfurt, Germany 12.7 million passengers in Germany traveled by airplane during February 2014 without a major accident. One of the most effective strategies to reduce risks and air traffic is a dedicated preflight check that covers inspections of all significant points of failure and essential aspects of an airplane tow. Avoid any issues during the flight. Welcome to Microsoft Online Trainings. Microsoft Office 2013. Sweet course, Orientation I A Less Plus courses provide an all encompassing learning experience using multi sensory learning styles. A typical lesson includes interactive text, graphics, audio instruction, video demonstrations. Let me try exercises, competency assessments and immediate feedback to replicate the classroom learning experience.