Slaughter at Ezra Chapel



This is a Civil War story in which four generals were killed. Losses were heavy on each side. This clip is the audition that earned me the right to produce this book.

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one of every three soldiers who attacked the defensive line at Ezra Church on July 28th 18 64 was struck by a bullet. This incredible testament of small arms fire cannot help but force one to appreciate the experience. The foot soldier in Jordan add the stifling 100 degree heat, throat choking smoke. You're a piercing screams and head swimming. Confusion run the battle for six hours, strike down four generals, including a core and a division commander magnified by 3000. Both sides of the ratio place another 3000 supporting men behind the Attackers and 12,000 defenders on the heights in front of them and sluggishly run the largest battlefield stream in crimson for the rest of the night. When the days first light dawned upon the area, this contested field of gripping drama, horror and chaos was simply a serene country church neighborhood. The battles name alone evokes a mix of all and sadness, and that feeling has not diminished one iota by the fact that this happened more than 150 years ago.