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A crowdfunding video for a sports apparel company.

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at vast terrain. We love being active from a run on the beach to an hour of yoga or an afternoon hike. Our love for sport is only equaled by our desire to build a truly American brands way. Do this by taking an approach which is different than most other active wear brands. We use only the best proprietary technical fabrics, make our products holy in the USA provide transparency around the people and places that make our products and then offer them directly to you without retail markup. Our performance fabrics and activewear, developed in partnerships with the best specialty American factories and mills across the U. S. Yarn made in North Carolina is needed in L. A and Welcome. In Roanoke, we use a family owned cutting so factory in San Francisco, which specializes in premium technical activewear. Even our zippers and notions air sourced from the U. S. Our signature legging fabric. Malia is lightweight and ultra soft against your skin while providing just the right amount of stretch. Zero hydro fabric is a new innovation, which provides superior moisture management properties to keep you cool and dry. During long workouts, Argenteuil brings odor control to next level by using E P A registered silver salts, which are embedded at the fiber level of the fabric. Starting with the basics are pieces, merged function and style for optimal performance. Whether you're in a gym or mountains, clean lines in a tailor fit characterized. Each collection are leggings have the body for performance edge, while providing STYLER support from additional seamen, and the higher waist are. Capri is made with xeno hydro mesh panels to keep you cool and dry during long workouts. Our women's and men's technical teas use our Argentine fabric to keep you odor free while waking away moisture. We manufacture and sell our performance activewear Onley online and offer it directly to you without the additional retail market. By supporting our Kickstarter campaign, you will get access to exclusive deals and early pricing. Please join us fast to rain an American brand. A different approach