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Official video description: Containing supply costs in surgery is a challenging task. But investing in the right resources to identify areas of opportunity is essential to creating the biggest financial and clinical return possible.

Surgical Profitability Compass allows you to gain a better sense of your annualized opportunity at the procedure level by pinpointing which procedural items are creating a difference in procedural cost without improving quality and the actual physicians that are utilizing those items the most.

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with surgical profitability. Compass Reducing surgical cost per case starts with identifying the surgical procedures with the greatest annualized opportunity to save. Explore procedural supply variation, pull in the appropriate risk adjusted quality metrics and pinpoint which procedural items are creating a difference in procedural cost without improving quality. The impact ranking makes quick work of your investigation by detail ING which procedural items are not only pricey but have the greatest difference in utilization between your high and low cost surgeons. Because the next step toward cost containment is engaging your physicians in the cause, you're ableto linked details on individual efficiency and outcomes to the context of the broader opportunity. And once you start making progress, you contract results to your bottom line. But if your physician's start asking how to our prices compare, are you sure you've negotiated the best price for this item? The cohort Price pulse provides seamless access to your vendor information down to the item pricing details. Now you have a clear picture of how your prices compared to other hospitals across the country.