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My audio sample is my audiobook narration from the book Armed and Fabulous, authored by Camilla Chafer.

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Australian North American (US General American - GenAM)


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finding dead bodies wasn't in my job description. Of course, sneaking out of work wasn't in my job description either, but that never stopped me from doing it. There are a lot of things wrong with being attempt the door mat of the office totem pole, but fortunately I've learned how to take advantage of just about any week, boss and outsmart the smartest ones. For starters, I'm super bright, but everyone thinks I'm utterly dim, possibly on account of my super long and very gorgeous blonde hair. If I don't say so myself, so long as we cross over, it's expensive. Five monthly bleach and upkeep, along with a pair of up writing out their assets. No, not my boobs there, courtesy of Wonder Bra. I mean, my inquisitive and determined nature. At least my school careers counsellor told me they were assets. Mostly, however, they seemed to get me into trouble, given my current position as office dog's body, a green hand insurance. They certainly hadn't landed me a decent job. I was startled and jumped as my annoying boss, Adam Shepard, loomed over my desk, appearing as if from nowhere. Lexi, what is it that you're doing he asked, his eyebrows, knitting together suspiciously. Shepard was annoying for two reasons. One, He never seemed to do anything in the way of work, and I had no idea how he actually got a job as my manager. After six months, I was still relegated to being a temp without even a whiff of a permanent job upgrade at the firm.