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Tags: Animated, Attitude, Attractive, Bold, Confident, Edgy, Mature, Perky, Sassy, Smooth, Eastern European, US South, US Western, Cali, Business

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Young Adult (18-35)


Eastern European (General) North American (US South) North American (US Western)


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Before the Dominion conquered us. We had a saying, food is life, life is struggle. We understood that we embraced it. It helped make us strong. Thanks for the meal. Princess. That was just the appetizer. As you'll know Mr Hunter, there comes a time, a player's career where they transcend the sport in which they excel. They become a brand. Think CR- 7. What my team and I at Villanova and associates can offer your son is a chance to get to the next level with the right guidance and opportunities. Alex has a talent to become an icon in the modern game. Oh Kyle, who's your extremely tall new friend? And why haven't we met before? Hey, everybody. It's happening again. Don't brush yourself. Have you seen how much stuff she puts in me? I'm gonna look like a bloated handbag. I told you boys not to panic. I know what a loser. I can't even believe she wore that to school today. Wow. Radical surfing from both teams in this heat. But Malibu's Beach high superstar Miranda Spring is on fire. I Toledo, your hair is so soft. I could just go to sleep on it. Where were we? Yes, lunch at the city club. The promo has a new TV spot for you to see. Are you ready for today's schedule? God speed race. You're listening to the curator, the desert winds are blowing in some hot rumors. Today, a young racer called is kicking up a dust storm grind in some of the old school leagues into the asphalt. Who is this kid? I mean, is he single or what rumor has it? Ty might even have what it takes for the outlaws rush. But there are miles and miles ahead of him. Friends dream big and keep leagues. But work on that ride, man. I mean, those wheels, they won't even get you to the starting line of the outlaws. Brush.