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Two friends meet after pandemic to discuss a solution for foot pain. 2021.

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North American (General) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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well look who the cat dragged in. Glad you could finally get out. What better place than mama's? Huh? No doubt. Hey, was that a little bit of a limp? I just saw what's going on? Something with my foot? I don't know if it's a bunion or hammer toe or what? So what are you doing about it? I'm just going to wait for the pain to go away. Oh that's brilliant. I'm just afraid it's something serious that might need surgery and I can't really miss work. So you're gonna limp in pain for the rest of your life? You've got to see dr when know when who's on first? Remember dr Helene when at feet and beyond in Hackettstown just have her take a look. Even if it's serious, they can often do minimally invasive surgery. Which means what it means, small incisions that can be done in their surgical suite right at their office on Mountain Avenue feet and beyond. They can often have you back up in no time. And did I mention no screws or pins? Hey, life's too short to walk in pain. Amen to that. So let's order have you had mama's pear and gorgonzola purses? Oh my God, life's too short to walk in any kind of pain. Make an appointment today with feet and beyond in Hackettstown. Just google feet and beyond of New Jersey