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A selection of passages from audiobooks showcasing range, multi-character dialogue, and delivery styles.

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sewn together novel by author Brian A. Columns. For the first time, Bergman realized how readily he believed Keskin story When he first heard it himself, his lower lip slid over the uppers, he pondered. Raises question. If there is a way to prove it, I would. Gaskin looked at the ground, as if proof could be found there. Come on, he said with a smirk. Don't I look trustworthy? He smiled. It's over. Chance slapped himself in the face and slowly slid his paw down his furry cheek. The fact that you've been shot, Silver said pacing around him doesn't let much truth than anything. It looks more to me like you guys stole a couple of horses, got shot by their owners, and now you're hoping to take whatever you can from us if we turn our backs on you. If we're bandits. I don't think we've done a great job recruiting, do you? I mean, the guy over there can't stop smiling. Keskin pointed a Bergman. Secondly, I think I would have chosen a larger partner than the ferret, don't you? I don't know, Silver pondered. He looks a bit like a weasel, and whistles are known to steal things. What's this weasel I keep hearing about? Chance? Asked the break by author Sam Sisavath. A few minutes later, Fiona climbed out of the Dodge to join him. My legs are cramping up, just sitting in there all day, she said before he could protest her, moving around in the semi darkness with him, she left the side hatch open and coal watch Dante, Zoe and Ashley taking turns making different versions of ham and cheese and cracker sandwiches with each other's Lunchables, then showing off their creations toe one another. So we had woken up and was famished and looked better. Or is better is one could look after having a katana shoved. There were shoulder anyway. He wasn't sure how useful she would be when they have to move again, though kind of late to be thinking about that now, don't you think? The voice asked. Yeah, kind of should have left her in the cripple behind the daughter and girl, too. I couldn't do that. Couldn't or wouldn't. We're going to do this again. It's my job, Remember, I'm here to keep you from making stupid decisions. The voice laughed, although I'll admit I'm doing a pretty ****** job of it these last couple days. But, hey, I'm just getting my sea legs back. Hello For his Guide to Living by W. L. Leiberman It was late April in the winter had been long, frigid and foreboding enough to make a person feel like a northerner. When there was everything about that idea that I load No, give me sun and sand in light wind on the beach. But on this day, my older weather it flounced in and although brought an underlying chill, the heat of the sun over laid the cold air like an insulating blanket. I open the windows to the bedroom for circulation. I don't think they've been open since the previous September, and it felt stuffy and stale. That's why we're the fleece cardigan. Keep me warm and cozy. As I melted into the comforter on our bed, it was bliss. Sheer bliss, the closest to nothingness a human being specifically a male could achieve with the exception, perhaps, of the swaying hammock beneath the leafy maple tree. On a hot day that wasn't bad, either. Pretty damn close, I'd say. Anti hero. Journey of Fear by Pelleas NR I ignored the voice and stepped through the portal. There was a lot. One could learn from character customization, and I plan to take advantage. I was once again standing in a white room. There was a woman standing in front of me. Her white dress was a pearl color, which offset it just enough from the background white to discern her live figure. Her face and chest were slightly plane, but perfectly symmetrical. Things like that were very important. Everything should have a proper place and design even appearance. Welcome to the starting chamber. You do realize the world will not open for quite a while? Yes, but let's start with what I can do. Very well. We will begin with your avatar. A perfect naked duplicate of myself appeared slightly off to the side. Limitations on what I can alter some in terms of height, weight and proportion. If there is an issue, I will let you know. Hmm. What about other races? A tail on Lee. The human race is possible. I curse the lack of information on the game. An excerpt from Survived The Collapse, a post apocalyptic thriller by Clyde McDonald. All of the other employees were speaking worriedly to one another, showing their phone screens to their neighbors. That's a lot, he thought. It better not be something stupid. Like that time, everyone felt they needed to show each other the video that one basketball players leg breaking. That was gross, he shouted a little as the image involuntarily replayed in his mind. What's going on? He asked Nancy, one of his more competent employees. What's everyone so concerned about on their phones? Did something bad happen? We don't know, she replied. Everyone's phone stopped working all at once. Someone thought a cell tower might be down, but that doesn't explain why they won't even power on everyone's phone. Stopped working. That's not good. He strode over to the window and looked down at the streets. It was a foggy day, so the streetlight should have been on. They weren't the world around and broadcasted his voice. Everyone in the room does anyone have a working phone