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Ah, Miss Dog Day Afternoon, we'll meet an award winning photographer who focuses her lens on our favorite subject. Dogs the moment way. Capture the shot. Everybody feels it will help one listener navigate their dogs. Sudden change in appetite now, like a really, really fussy eater, and he never was before. So grab your chug your lab, ski your sh noodle and settle in for a dog day afternoon victory. Can we talk about the farmer's dog? I would love to talk about the front study that really, truly helps dogs live long and healthy lives. I mean, they have nutritious meals for dogs that are like, ready to serve and directly to you. And it looks like real food as it should be on the farmers. Dogs delivered over three million fresh meals up to date. That's incredible. All you have to do is complete a short online quiz, and then they develop a plan. A vet develop plan tailored right for your dog. So start feeding your dog better today. Try a week free at the farmer's dog dot com slash dog cast. I don't think our guest the amazing Sophie Gehman, who was true inspiration today please hit us up on our instagram. It's at the dog cast our twitter, which is at the rial dog cast. Or you can email us at the real dog cast at gmail dot com. Because we are the really dog cast. There's lots of bonus content out there. We have a gallery of Sofia's beautiful pitbull photos, the wet dogs, the flower power pictures. They're gorgeous and they can all be seen there. Remember, guys, everyone is a dog person and every dog deserves.