Alan Jackson Cover: Remember When (Lead & Chorus are me)

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The Lead and Chorus are all me. Re-recorded on FEB 4, 2022 with Neumann TLM103 mic. What a difference the Neumann has ...WOW !

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
mhm Remember when? Mm hmm I was young and so are you? And time stood still. Love was all we knew you were the first so was I made love And then you cried. Remember when remember when we found the vast wall The wall gave our hearts made the start. It was hard. We lived and learned live through curves. There was joy and there was her. Remember when? Mm hmm. Remember when old ones died and new were born and life was changed. His assemble rearranged. We came together fell apart road Each other's hearts. Remember when? Mhm Yeah. Remember when the sound a little beat was the music We danced to week two. We brought back the love we found trusts about. We never gave it up. Love. Remember when remember when Curtis seems so now looking back it's just a steppin stone to where we are, where we've been said we'd do it all again. Remember when remember when we said when we turn rate when the Children grow up and move away we won't be sad. We'll be glad we're all a life with him. And we remember when mm hmm. Remember when remember