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PROMO: Engaging Male Voice Talent With Warm, Deep Delivery

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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this guy's got no business in the family business. Yeah, I know. You might have a few reservations about me running Mr. Jiffy Fix. Okay, You do family tools. Wednesday, May 1st on CTV. Find me. Snow White. The powers of good may finally be destroyed. Destroyed. Berg isn't safe. All new next Sunday experience. The first of three new episodes. How did they survive and find their way back? The search for truth behind the amazing stories of Children who were raised wild. It's all hands on deck. Wow on the captain's kick it into high gear. That is the best of fish down there. Alaska Battle on the Bay on all new episode Sunday at 10 Eastern on Animal Planet Next Monday, the voice returns with a two night to network event and to new superstar coaches dead on arrival Wednesday at 10. Eastern on investigation Discovery