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the islands of Asia's legendary East Indies lay scattered in their thousands. Every island is a land of wonder Holmes to the strange and the amazing millions of years of island isolation. The East Indies have created some of the rarest animals on earth. 24 hours here will reveal that competition is the true mother of invention. Things may be heating up in the kitchen, but for Sue Chef Andi, tonight's service has a special meaning. His parents are in the restaurant tonight, and he wants everything to go smoothly. Join us in Part two when we find out what Andy's most important critics really think. On the 29th of November 2011 a group of Iranian students angry at what they claimed was Britain's anti Iran policy, entered the British Embassy in Tehran, setting the British flag on fire on damaging the building. Although deemed unjustified by both sides, the attack demonstrated the anger felt by Iranians towards Britain. Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, reacted to the event by stating that although the sentiments of the youth were justified, entering the embassy was not right. The cause, the stars, the money. Los Angeles has it all. But what's it like for the people striving to make their mark on the city of Angels when all they've got is a great idea but no great plan? We follow these brave hopefuls as they strive to make the contacts on the deals that will change their lives across Borneo. The dawn chorus builds its the moment when the forest rises up from slumber and greets the new day. The red King of the Trees wakes as well. After a long journey across this forest, he has almost made his destination. PG Mutual National Championships is one of the most prestigious tournaments on the table tennis calendar. Held every year. It's the want to win. 25 year old Emma Vickers from Darby is an experienced competitors. Aunt has high hopes of a great performance here. There are 10 different class is taking place over three days of intense competition between the best players in the country, including the full time professionals at the very top of the tree