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A collection of recent explainers including local govenment, scientific/technical, sports, education, consumer goods, online services and even German accented!

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Dr Smith is happy using this brand to treat his Type two diabetes patients but is open to considering different treatment options that are available. Annika is meeting with Dr Smith to further discuss on understand his needs. We've already seen how Aniko prepared for and initially engaged Dr Smith in the updated customer engagement model. Now let's watch how she further understands Dr Smith specific requirements through explore their needs. This's Harry on this Is Daisy on This is where they live. Actually, it looked a lot more like this because it is quite a lot of rubbish everywhere. So Daisy rang the Council on Got Through to Malcolm, who was in charge of creaming up rubbish membrane. Filtration is the method of choice for water on bio bird and testing, but it is often subject to producing false results. After filtration, the membrane has to be manually applied onto the culture medium. With tweezers a critical step, secondary contamination can occur, producing so called false positive results. The next step applying the membrane onto the nutrient is a critical step. Two on needs. Special expertise bubbles, folds or waves can prevent microorganisms from having contact with the culture medium. Thiss is the Wave Rider 20. It begins with the Alliance Fort between our Con Cave on convex plate design, resulting in a softer, smoother on more responsive thie convex form. Flex its for softer cushion at **** impact. Transferring the return of more energy underfoot. 21st century economies demands new approaches to education like the flipped classroom. Wolverhampton University has embraced this in its new science building, with del tablets at each workbench. Now students watch video lectures before class, then deep in their understanding during class. For more information, visit dal dot com slash education. This is Jenny, and she is about to experience the world's longest sales. Cole, thanks to her talkative client, Chatty Charlie. In 88 seconds, I'll be telling you about how virtual office can seamlessly transition and active call between devices without anybody ever noticing. Fuelled by a fresh attitude, entrepreneurial spirit and unique approach of creative fusion, box fresh was born. We were just a small team of people reacting to the demand for something different, a small spark igniting the rice of streetwear. As our name suggests, we're obsessed with shoes. We're obsessed with the process of making designing refining. What we do values into practise is our model of service delivery On the core of what we do. V i p has three key components that we can think office. The heart hand on head off Scottish autism. The heart is our ethical framework on what we've identified to be at the heart of good autism practise, we believe that a focus of wellbeing enables happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. Welcome to your APCO. Thiss video explains how we create value together way sober partners on therefore their customers fear knowledge Exchange joint business on cross border learning. Discover how your Ratko can also help you create value there. Lived and Slide Door by Kermit Ling is an innovative sliding door system manufactured and tested by central technologies for North American Window on door fabricators. Assembled lift and slide doors allow Teo instantly add an exciting door to your product legs without having to invest in research and development, testing or manufacturing