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Along with some original characters, I do a spot on Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Optimus Prime, The Joker and Elmo impersonations in this highly engaging, exciting animation reel.

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here at the Al Pacino School of Acting. You'll learn how to break down dialogue, understand character development and home all those really bad habits like overacting. Look, but don't touch touch, but don't taste. Taste. I don't swallow. And here's a couple of satisfied customers. That's right, you know, one day I told the story in front of the class. I was a little nervous, my stomach. But Al taught me how to deal with it. He said, Chris far. Just grab your balls and squeeze. Before I took Mr Pacino's audition technique seminar, I was finding it difficult to make both choices. But now the casting directors asked for me by name, Joker way. He's so Skerry almost went his for on that one. I'm so they took my license away. All I wanted to do is get a Hummer and a new car. My mother makes the best brush So you've ever had in your life. And the meatballs around of this world is ours. It is time to do what must be done. We fight till the death, and if any one of you are still alive, I will have you killed Sound like a plan as long as we could hang something or someone in the Village Square. I am Robert McDougall. That's Mac D Google. Look it up on Google and Optimus Prime. And I send this message out to any surviving agents seeking talent among the stars in your multitudes. Scarce to be called. All right, Thank you. That's good. Thanks for coming. We'll call you. Who was that guy? Just another graduate from the Al Pacino School of Acting.