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    Roman Gladiator Voices

    The Roman gladiator is a character who was a combatant in ancient Roman arenas. The gladiator character is a confident, violent, strong character. Gladiator characters are often steadfast in the face of danger and observant, looking for opportunities to strike or defend themselves from enemy blows. The gladiator character is also a celebrity of sorts, and acts in a proud, arrogant manner to spark cheers and applause.

    The gladiator character is often a professional fighter, a prisoner, or a slave given weapons. These characters are almost exclusively male, though there are a couple examples of very rare female gladiators in the past. Gladiator characters are often disciplined, violent, angry, dedicated and harsh. Newer or less experienced gladiator characters may be more fearful and less disciplined in their demeanour. The professional gladiator characters are often greedy, willing to shed blood for fame and wealth. Some gladiator characters may be more noble in character, especially if they are enslaved men who were innocent, or prisoners of war, with a code of conduct they follow. Gladiator characters often were adored by crowds, and would speak in a way that conveyed pride, honour, glory and skill.

    Gladiator characters often yell and shout, taunt enemies, celebrate victories and honour those to whom honour is due after a successful duel or victory against animals. Gladiator characters may scream, grunt or shout in pain when injured, and wince when having wounds treated. The occasional gladiator character may not speak much at all, but rather have a stoic demeanour, accepting his role without complaint.

    The gladiator character can be seen most often in media focusing on ancient Rome, whether it be fictional or non-fictional films or shows. Historical films and documentaries often show a more accurate portrayal of ancient gladiator characters, while more contemporary fictional stories focus on the spectacle and the influence gladiators may have on the culture of their time, especially if the character in question was a former soldier or high ranking elite. Studying the attitude of the gladiator and the culture of ancient Rome, as well as honing your aggression and anger, will be sure to give you a gladiator voice that would certainly please the emperor!