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Middle Aged (35-54)


French (General) North American (South West - Texas) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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At the lego police station, all the crooks are breaking out. Build the mobile police unit, track down the crooks, take a mug shot and lock them up.

It is crepe day at Denny's a family tradition we started about 20 minutes ago and from the looks of it, this tradition is going to last a while.

So you're driving up to the lake with a big boat, pulls up next to you and hey, it's yours toe and power is nice, but a little control would be great to enter the Ford. Anchors away, baby.

The future of toilet bowl cleaning has never been brighter. Thanks to scrubbing bubbles. Just snap it in your bowl. The freshest way to keep a toilet clean.

You should be mad at things that are unnecessarily complicated. But you're not mad because the E Trade app makes trading simple and easy.

Excedrin sees my intense headache. Even if nobody else can, that's why they focus only on headaches. They see my pain and what's possible without it.

Financial headlines can be unsettling. But what if one financial company grew stronger through the crisis? By turning uncertainty into confidence. Prudential. The strength of the Rock.