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Fact tequila makes you crazy. Yes, that's a terribly convenient thing to say after your night out. It's also not true. Like five other tequila myths that we're about to bust in this video. Mythbusters, this iconic agave based spirit gets a certain rep in the spirits world. And while some of the stuff you've been hearing may be true. A lot of it isn't. So let's make some things clear once and for all, you'd probably want to know if tequila actually makes you lose weight or not, right? Or if the well known cure for tequila hangovers actually works. Stay with us till the end as we spill all the tequila. Number one, tequila is traditionally savored in shot glasses with salt and lemon shot shot shot shot shot. Sure if you want to. But you do know that's not the traditional Mexican way of sipping this time honored spirit, right? Shocking. We know. In fact in Mexico savvy, tequila drinkers usually use snifter glasses to really appreciate the aromas. They don't just chug down a shot and try to cover the flavors with lemon and salt either, but they take their sweet time sipping the spirit real slowly maybe try it sometime moving on. Number two, authentic tequila is come with a worm at the bottom of the bottle. If you haven't been living under a rock, you probably already know this myth has been debunked many times before. But we just want to make sure you're aware that under no circumstances should authentic Tequila come with a worm inside the bottle. Just know tequila is made according to very strict regulations and that tiny worm would be literally against Mexican law. So if you find a worm in your bottle, call your distiller or put on your glasses and check the label again as you might be drinking Mescal. As opposed to tequila. There are certain types of Mescal that contain the worm. If you want to dive deeper into this like literally right to the bottom of Mescal bottles, check out our how is Mescal produced video that explores this exact topic. Number three. Tequila helps you lose weight. A spirit lover can hope, right? While we were not so secretly hoping this one would turn out to be in fact true. There is unfortunately no scientific evidence to support the claim. Yes. Tequila is made from Agave which contains a Gavin's a kind of sugar that doesn't raise your blood sugar levels. When you adjust it. In theory, this could mean you finally found a spirit that would leave you looking like you spend your winter working ******* your summer bod by spending time at the bar instead of a gym. But in practice the distillation process for tequila ferment those sugars. So Noah Galvin's for you and downing those shots definitely won't have the same effect as hitting that treadmill. We know it's like adults can't have any fun. So unfair. Number four, Tequila is the National Spirit of Mexico. You might be surprised but Tequila actually hasn't been a part of Mexican national history for that long. Mescal. It's smokier brother has actually been around longer, which means that tequila is actually a form of Mescal, not the other way around. Plus tequila can exclusively be produced in a very small area of Mexico, namely in five authorized stay guanajuato, Jalisco, Michoacan, Nayarit or Tamaulipas making it more limited than mask al which can be made in nine different areas of Mexico. And did you know that more non Mexicans than Mexicans drink tequila today? Considering these facts, the title of the National Mexican Spirit has to go to Moscow. Number five. Tequila is made from cacti agave. Sure looks like a cactus, right? Well, it's actually a succulent as you might know the regulations stipulate that tequila must be made from blue agave, which is a large plant with strong fleshy leaves that grows in the desert and while it might look like a cactus from afar, it's not, but it's not those fleshy leaves that make it into your reposado or Blanco, it's the agave heart after the plants are harvested. The center of the plant called the agave heart is extracted. It kind of looks like a pineapple. Don't you think this is then distilled into the smooth boozy liquid? You adore so much. Mm You've come so far, fellow spirit explorer. You deserve a special treat. After exposing all this misinformation, we'll tell you a precious secret. That's as true as Bob the secret of the ultimate cure for tequila hangovers. So it turns out if you stick to high quality premium tequila as your hangovers end up being more like pre little kitties instead of raging head splitting tigers, seriously high quality spirits contain less conjures a sub found in alcohol that you don't want to consume too much of and might result in a less horrible morning after. Makes sense. No. Anyway, if you're ever in need of premium tequila is that won't leave you feeling like the opposite of a fresh flower the next morning, you know where to find us. Just follow the link in the description of this video. That's it. Chico's. We've successfully busted five crazy myths. People still believe about tequila. Well, at least you're not one of those people anymore.