The Abandoned Room. Mystery Book. Fiction

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I enjoy a good mystery book. Listen to this clip from one of my favorites. I narrated this clip.

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she went into the library and tried to read, but the late fall wind swirled mournfully around the house and beat down the chimney, causing the fire to cast disturbing shadows across the walls. Her loneliness and her nervousness grew sharper. The restless shuffling footsteps stimulated her imagination. Perhaps a mental breakdown was responsible for this alteration. She was tempted to ring for Jenkins, the butler, to share her vigil, or for one of the two women servants now far at the back of the house and bobby, she said to herself, or somebody will have to come out here tomorrow to help. But Silas Blackburn shuffled in just then, and she was a trifle ashamed as she studied him, standing with his back to the fire, glaring around the room, fumbling with his hands that shook in his pocket for his pipe and some loose tobacco. It was unjust to be afraid of him. There was no question the man himself was afraid, terribly afraid. His fingers trembled so much that he had difficulty lighting his pipe, his heavy brows gray like, his beard contracted into a frown. His voice quivered unexpectedly. He spoke of his grandson bobby damned waster. God knows what he'll do next.