Doug Haynie - United Way Covid Poem - Exaggerated, Energitic, Friendly

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North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Mid-Atlantic) North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes)


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everything was looking up. Then covert came and everything changed. A dark stain, a new mental strain. A situation uncertain. One cough or nervous. Some help were surging. Our jobs aren't working bills. Do Mawr burden any relief? Impossible to determine. This is too much for just one person. Some had it hard before, but this added so much more. How much more can we endure? We just couldn't be sure. But in times of doubt, in times of confusion, in times of need, together our community came to eliminate the gray. We all found a way together. We are your united way. Our response was fast. These problems, vast confusion, was unmasked to solve the questions asked like How can we put food on the table when I'm unable to pay and afraid to leave for basic needs? Please someone be there for me. We were like for faith, an early covert case with bills due on the eighth and her job completely displaced alone. But then she called to 11 and as soon as she begun, she knew to provide some help from a hefty sum and take the balance to none. Just like that, questions were answered. Expectations were shattered, flabbergasted, immediately saved from disaster. We're there for you. Just like for Nicole, who was put in a whole a job once whole broken and stress taking its toll. And again we moved. She was no longer confused. Rent assistance approved. A rough situation smoothed. It's stories like these that put fears to ease and help us sleep. Put us at peace. But what will we still need is more support to fight the disease.