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there's a lot of misconceptions regarding what social media marketing actually is. In fact when you come across people who call themselves social media marketing consultants or practitioners, chances are very high that they will give you different definitions. Part of this is due to the fact that there are many different points of emphasis when it comes to social media marketing, some people focus on the content, others pay more attention to the network that the content is going to be addressed to, others give more of their focus to social engagement naturally to the layperson. Social media marketing is a big question mark. I understand if you're confused at this point. In fact you may be so confused that you try to simplify things in your head and end up focusing on how to get as much traffic for as little I've heard as possible. That is precisely how a lot of online entrepreneurs and marketers approach social media marketing, sadly, that is a one way ticket to failure or disappointment. It's not just going to work out sooner or later with any kind of project. You have to have the right definition. Otherwise you're making things harder on yourself. Depending on the definition you go with, you might have all sorts of expectations and if these outcomes do not come to pass your resolve and your motivation levels start to suffer, you have to work with the right definition with all of the above said, What is social media marketing for our present purposes? Well, since this training uses list marketing as its main vehicle for converting social media reach into cold hard cash. Social media marketing is all about content based audience relationship building. Let me repeat that. Social media marketing is all about content based audience relationship building. You need to use content in a strategic way. He need to speak to certain audiences and build a relationship with them. This relationship is not this broad word that makes people feel good but ultimately doesn't mean much of anything. Instead, this relationship has a tangible form and I am, of course, talking about your mailing list. Once you get people on your mailing list, that's when the fun begins. Everything else is just to work up or a preliminary. Prior to that point, you need to get people on your list. Social media marketing is going to be your primary vehicle to get people to your list. Everything has to revolve around that list, and this must shape, inform and guide your social media actions.