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Chapter two. Where are the twins? Hannah thrashed around, flailing her arms. Kiki helped me, she screamed. The lights came back on, revealing the source of her terror. It was only a silly Halloween decoration, but her laughter quickly faded when she realized the twins were still missing and Kiki seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Kiki, where are you? I'm here, Hannah heard Kiki's voice, but it sounded muffled. Where are you? Hannah walked towards the voice. I'm not sure, because it's so dark, but I think I'm in a closet. Please hurry. Kiki sounded like she was going to cry. Keep talking so I can follow your voice. Hannah started to walk to the back of the basement, where Kiki's voice was much clearer. Kiki, where are you? Kiki knocked on the wall, and Hannah dropped the flashlight and rushed over to where the knock came from. It sounds like you're on the other side of the wall, but I don't know how to reach you. I think I may have to get mom feel around the wall for a button. I think there's a secret entrance, because when the lights went out, I backed up and heard a whirling noise, and the next thing I knew, I was behind the wall, said Kiki. Hannah started feeling around while knocking in different spots. Finally, she discovered a curious little button. She pushed it and a door popped open. Wow! Kiki threw her arms around her sister. Thanks for saving me. Hannah hugged her back and then looked around with the door opened the light from the other room provided some visibility. The room was musty, but there was also another oddly familiar aroma. There were boxes and several items covered with sheets. There were old dolls of all shapes and sizes and toys scattered on the floor. Look, there's a door over there. Let's go check it out. Kiki grabbed Hannah's arm. I think we should get out of here now. Hannah shook her arm free and headed to the door, swiping at cobwebs. Along the way, Kiki had no choice but to follow. Hannah hesitated for a moment and cautiously reached for the door knob. She pushed the door open. Yikes! She exclaimed. Kiki peered out from behind. She opened her eyes and was shocked to see a hallway and two flights of stairs. One was leading upstairs and the other down. I wonder if anyone else knows about this. Hana shrugged her shoulders. I wonder if the boys know about it. Maybe that's how they always seem to win at hide and seek. They're going to be in big trouble, said Kiki. So do you think we should tell Mom or explore first? I know we should tell Mom, but she's busy. So let's explore first and make sure the boys aren't down here. Hannah walked towards the descending staircase Kiki side, but followed along. She flicked a switch and was happy to see that it worked. But she was worried to see more spider webs and rows of staircases forever. She followed Hannah and tried to avoid touching the webs and spiders. As they descended the winding staircase, the temperature dropped. They finally reached the bottom, where everything was made of stone. Do you hear that? Hannah whispered. It sounds like a river flowing. Maybe we should go back, said Kiki. No way we came this far. Let's keep going. I just know we're going to find something cool. Hannah grabbed her sister's hand and pulled her along, or terrifying. Kiki shivered. They finally came to a body of water and there was a rowboat. Kiki grabbed Hannah's arm and her voice shook. This is really creepy. I think we need to get Mom. The boys could be in danger. Hannah yanked her arm free and went to get in the boat. If the boys are in danger, we need to help them. We can't waste time getting Mom. Hannah, please don't make me do this, Kiki pleaded. Hana replied. Get in the boat and put on this life jacket. Stop being such a scaredy cat, Kiki side and climbed into the boat. This is so cool, said Hannah. I think I dreamt about this the other night. They reached the other end and secured the boat Directly. In front of them was a small altar that had softly glowing electric candles. There was a pentagram on the floor directly in front of the altar. Wow! Exclaimed Hannah. This is incredible. I wonder what it was used for and why it has lights that still work. It looks ancient. It is kind of cool, but also a bit spooky, said Kiki. I think we should keep going. They walked a bit further and came to a giant wooden door that had a sliding wooden lock. They opened it up and were amazed to see the family cemetery and the old stone chapel with a stream behind it. The wooden door slammed behind them. They looked back and saw that Sammy there black hounds suddenly appeared. He started barking and tugging at them. Sammy, where did you come from? Asked Kiki. What's wrong, Sammy? Hannah rubbed his head, but he just kept barking and ran towards the cemetery. The girls followed him through the big iron gates, past the ornate headstones and headed to the old chapel. Both doors were wide open. Sammy ran behind the altar, and a low, cacophonous sound filled the room. Sammy, get back here! Kiki commanded. Sammy did not respond, and the girls had no choice but to follow him. I thought I was scared in that secret room back there, but now I'm terrified, said Hannah. Me, too, but Sammy will protect us. At least I hope he will. Kiki grabbed her sister's arm. Let's stay together. The two girls walked cautiously up to the altar, but Sammy was not there. They heard a bark in the distance and entered the narrowing opening behind the altar. They walked slowly along the darkened hallway, with the only light coming from the flashlight. Do you think the boys are in here? Kiki gripped Hannah's arm tighter in reaction to a mouse crawling past her feet. I hope not, but they are so mischievous they could be. And Sammy is definitely following someone or something. Kiki gripped Hannah's arm even tighter. Hannah whistled. Really? Sammy, Sammy, come back! She called. Maybe we should go get Mom, said Kiki. No, it will take too long. Hannah kept walking forward, and Kiki had to trail behind because they just reached a very narrow part. Us, us, us. Yes, yes, yes, Hannah grabbed Kiki's arm. Oh, no, I think Sammy is in trouble. The girls came to another room. Sammy was in a standoff with a big black cat. Sammy kicky shouted. Sammy looked at Kiki and ran over to her and hid behind her legs. It's okay, boy. Kiki padded the hounds. Massive neck. Hannah looked at the cat. Hi, kitty. We're not going to hurt you. Hannah walked cautiously towards the cat and reached out to pet the skittish animal. The cat, Me out and brushed against Hannah's legs and then walk towards another opening. Hannah followed Hannah. I don't think you should follow her. She may scratch or bite you, said Kiki, who was holding on to Sammy's collar. I think she wants to show me something, said Hannah. Kiki at first stayed behind with Sammy, who was still hiding behind her legs and watched Hannah as she disappeared into the darkness. She looked at Sammy. We better follow her, Hannah, wait for us. But there was no reply. Oh, just great. Now we're stuck in here with no flashlight. We better go search for Hannah. Kiki grabbed Sammy's collar. She blinked to adjust her eyes to the darkness. Sammy led the way with his nose. Kiki, come quick! Hannah shouted. Sammy broke from Kiki's grip and ran toward the voice. Sammy, wait for me! Kiki sprinted after him. They entered a dimly lit room. Hannah was sitting on the floor. Kiki couldn't believe her eyes.