Mary Poppins

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A sample from the story of Mary Poppins

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It was morning on Cherry Tree Lane, Miss. Lark, in the biggest house in the lane, had sent her dog, Andrew, out for his morning stroll. But in the nursery of number 17, Cherry Tree Lane, Jane and Michael Banks were still in bed. Up up, said Mary Poppins, We'll have no lounging about on a super Cala fragile listed day. Super Kala. What? Mary Poppins asked. Michael, close your mouth, Michael. We are not codfish. If you can think of a word that says just what you want to say, try super Cala. Fragile ist IQ. And that just describes today that got Jane and Michael up and dressed in record time. Out to the park we go, said Mary Poppins. Spit spot This way. Mary Poppins stopped to speak to Andrew. Miss Larks, Little dog Yip Yip Yip said. Andrew again, said Mary Poppins. Yip Yip said, Andrew. Oh, yes, of course, said Mary Poppins. I'll go straight away and thank you very much. Then, taking Jane and Michael by the hand. Mary Poppins started off the way Andrew had come. She led them to a brisk place down narrow, twisting streets they had never seen before until at the door of a small house. She stopped rap rap went the parrot head handle of Mary Poppins umbrella. The door was opened by Mary's friend Bert. How is he? Mary? Poppins asked. Bert shook his head. Never seen him like this, he said. And that's the truth. Oh, bless. Bless my soul, gurgled, a voice rich with chuckles. Is that Mary Poppins? Oh, I'm delighted to see you, my dear. Jane and Michael looked about. They could see no one in the room until Mary Poppins spoke. Uncle Albert, you promise not to go floating around again, she said, and she seemed to be speaking to the ceiling. Jane and Michael looked up there in the air set. Mary Poppins, Uncle Albert chuckling merrily. I know, my dear, he said, wiping a Mary. I I tried, really, I did. But I do so enjoy laughing, you know, and the moment I start, it's all up with me. The Children whispered. It's laughing. That does it, you know. The Children began laughing, and so did Bert. Soon they were simply filled with laughter. It bubbled out, and soon they felt lighter and lighter until their feet left the floor and up they floated till their heads bumped the ceiling. I must say, You're a sight. The lot of you. Mary Poppins folded her arms in a way that Jane and Michael new meant that she disapproved. When Bert told Uncle Albert a joke, all four of them roared with laughter that they turned somersaults in the air. But Mary Poppins look stern. Most disgraceful thing I've ever seen, she snapped. Or my name isn't Mary Poppins. Speaking of names, said Bert, I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith really charred old Uncle Albert. What's the name of his other leg? And again, the room was shaking with laughter. Now, then, Jane Michael, it is time for tea, said Mary Poppins. With his eye and up, she floated. Neat as you please, without so much of a smile. Thank you, my dear. Why I'm having such a good time? Why? I wish you could all stay up here with me. Always. We jolly well have to. Michael grinned. There's no way to get down. Well, to be honest, there is a way. Just think of something sad and down you go. Time to go home, Mary Poppins voice crisp and firmly cut sharply through the laughter. And suddenly, at that sad thought, down came Jane, Michael, Uncle Albert and Bert Bump, bump, bump, bump on the floor. Goodbye, said Michael. We'll be back soon and thank you, said Jane soberly. We had a lovely time back home. Jane and Michael tried to tell their father about the adventure. We floated in the air and had tea on the ceiling. Jane began, and there was a man with a wooden leg named Smith. Michael Broken Poppins, cried. Mr Banks, what is the meaning of this? Children will be Children, Snip Mary Poppins, and these two are up past their bedtime spit spot. Michael and Jane just looked at each other anyway, said Jane, kicking off a slipper. It was a super Cala fragile listed day.