The Bug Who Lit Christmas

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the bug who lived christmas, it was the day before christmas and deep in the wood, the pine trees were standing like all pine trees should they're pine cones were pointy, their needles were to tree cutters were coming to do what they do now inside one pine tree. Lightning bugs had a place, they called it their home and thought they were safe. Then chop chop saul, saw the bugs tree crashed down. All the bugs flew away except one with a frown. Go on without me, cried a frightened lightning bug as his tree left the forest, he gave his branch a big hug all the way into town. He hugged his tree tight as it came off the truck and was stacked up just right soon. People were walking through rows of the trees, they were shaking the branches, getting down on their knees. I found a good one called a girl to her dad and the dad rushed right over and said, yeah, not bad. And the lightning bug thought as sad as can be, just not bad, this is a beautiful pine tree. Then up went the tree to the top of their car as the bug held on thinking hope it's not far. When the tree went indoors with no wind and no snow, the lightning bug thought this is where pine trees go. The lightning bug learned that at christmas you see in lots of homes everywhere, there's a pine christmas tree. But what happened next to the bug was a shock. The dad carried in a giant red box inside that box where many bright things shiny and sparkly. Some even had wings. There's more asked the bug as out came bright strings and the strings were more shiny than the things that had wings not being a person. The bug couldn't know that. Unlike a lightning bug, people can't glow. So people use strings of lights on their tree to guide old Saint Nick write down their chimney. Dad and his daughter were hanging the lights when the daughter looked into the tree with a fright, for their on a branch was a bug hanging tight. And the bug was scared too. So he shone out his light. There's a lightning bug here! Screamed the daughter in fright. The dad dropped his string and he broke all the lights and try as he might. The dad couldn't fix it and the daughter cried out, Dad, you must get our tree lit. It's christmas eve ST nicks on his way. We need our tree lit before christmas day. So the bug had a thought. I could light this pine tree with purpose and knew he climbed up up with glee. Once at the tree top the bug hugged real tight, then the highest of branches was bathed in his light. Then the girl looked up at the Lightning Bugs light and she smiled at her dad. I guess we'll be all right. They went off to bed, leaving Lightning so brave for with his bright light christmas was saved the end.