Audiobook Reading Sample, the romance \"The Guardian\", various voices

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Here I am reading the romance novel \"The Guardian\" by Julie Garwood. Upbeat, smooth, with a couple of character voices, an older British lady, a younger British lady, and a British adult male.

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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David Jenkins audiobook sample the romance novel Guardian Angel by Julie Garwood. Each night, just as he was leaving, he would tell her he would remember McKendry, and she would tell him she would be waiting for him. During the dark hours of the night. While she waited for her husband to come to her, she thought about his vulnerability. At first, she believed she was the cause. After all, she'd let him see her own insecurity often enough. But she sensed to that Cain's background was another reason for his own vulnerability. She couldn't imagine what his early life must have been like. Sir Hardwick had called Cain's mother a shrew, she remembered. He'd also said that the woman had tried to turn her son against his father. It couldn't have been a peaceful time for Cain. The more she thought about it, the more convinced she became that Cain actually needed her just as much as she needed him. That realisation was comfort. Lady Breyer sent several notes inviting J to visit. Kane wouldn't let her leave the townhouse, however, and sent word back that his wife was indisposed. In the end, her father's dear friend came to see her. Jay's memory of the woman was hazy at best, but she felt horribly guilty about pretending to be ill when she saw how old and frail the woman was. She was still beautiful, though with clear blue eyes and silvery grey hair. Her intellect appeared to be quite sharp, too. Jade served tea in the drawing room and took her place next to Kane on the city. Mhm. He seemed quite determined to participate in the women's conversation. Both husband and wife listened to Lady Briars extends her condolences over Nathan's tragic death. Jade played the role of grieving sister well, but she hated the deception. For Lady Briers was so sincere in her sympathy. When I read about the tragedy in the papers, I was stunned, Lady Breyer said. I had no idea Nathan worked for the government doing such secretive work. Cain, I must tell you how sorry I was to hear your brother was killed by that horrid pirate. I didn't know the lad, of course, but I'm certain he must have had a heart of gold. I never met Colin either, Jade interjected. But Cain has told me all about him. He was a good man, lady briars, and he died for his country. How did pagan become involved in this lady? Briars asked. I'm still hazy on the details, Child. Cain answered her question. From what the War Department was able to piece together, Nathan and Colin were waylaid and route to investigate a highly secretive matter. Isn't it rather ironic that you two ended up together? Lady Briars asked. There was a smile in her voice. Now, not really, Cain answered. Both of us missed the ceremony. Honouring our brothers, he explained. Jade came to see me. She wanted to talk about Nathan. And I guess I need you to talk about Colin. I can see why Lady Breyer said, Jade, you've turned into a beautiful woman. She shook her head and let out a little sigh. I never understood why your father's friend snatched you away so quickly. After your father's funeral, I will admit I was going to petition the crown for guardianship. I'd always wanted a daughter. I also believed you would have fared much better with me