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Reading of a passage from a fantasy novel.
Features narration and 4 different character voices, ranging from haughty to melancholy.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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And how do you enjoy the ball? Cousin Elrich asked. Aware that your coons melodramatic presentation had been designed to catch him off guard and if possible, humiliate him? Is the music to your taste? Ear kun lowered his eyes and let his lips form a secret little smile. Everything is to my taste, my liege. What of yourself? Does something displease you? You do not join the dance. Elrich raised one pale finger to his chin and stayed at your coons. Hidden eyes? I do enjoy the dance cousin. Nonetheless, surely it is possible to take pleasure in the pleasure of others. Yeah Kun seemed genuinely astonished. His eyes opened fully and met L. Ricks. Alec felt a slight shock and then turned his own gaze away, indicating the music galleries with his languid hand. Or perhaps it is the pain of others. Which brings me pleasure. Fear not for my sake, cousin, I am pleased. I am pleased you may dance on assured that your emperor enjoys the ball. But you're kun was not to be deprived from his object. Surely if the subjects are not to go away sad and in trouble that they have not pleased their ruler, the emperor Should demonstrators enjoyment, I would remind you, Cousin Elrich, sit quietly, that the emperor has no duty to his subjects. It all saved to rule them their duties. To him, that is the tradition of malnic Bonnie. Yeah. Kun had not expected Elrich to use such arguments against him, but he rallied with his next retort. I agree, my Lord. The emperor's duty is to rule his subjects. Perhaps that is why so many of them do not enjoy themselves. Enjoy the ball as much as they might. I do not follow you. Cousin similarly had risen and stood with her hands clenched on the top, step above her brother. She was tense and anxious, worried by her brother's bantering tone, his disdainful bearing Yukun, she said he acknowledged her presence. Sister, I see you share emperors reluctance to dance. Yukun, she murmured. You're going too far. The emperor's tolerant but tolerant or is he careless? Is he careless of the traditions of our great race? Is he contemptuous of that race is pride. Dive into bar was now mounting the steps. It was plain that he too, since that year gunnin chosen this moment to test L. Rex Power, Sima Rosa Gas, she said urgently, Yukun, if you would live, I would not care to live if the soul of Melbourne A perished and the guardianship of our nation's soul is the responsibility of the Emperor. And what if we should have an emperor who failed in that responsibility on Emperor who was weak? An emperor who cared nothing for the greatness of the dragon Ill and it's folk hypothetical question. Cousin Elrich had recovered his composure and his voice was an icy drawl for an emperor has never sent upon the ruby phone and such an emperor never shall. Devin tr came up touching your **** on the shoulder. Prince, if you value your dignity and your life. Elrich raised a hand. There is no need for that diving far prince. You could merely entertains us with an intellectual debate. Fearing that I was bored by the music and dance which I am not, he thought he waas going to provide the subject for a stimulating discourse. I am certain that we're most stimulated, Prince Yukun. It work allowed a patronizing warmth to color his license. Yukun flushed with anger and bit his lip but to go on. Dear cousin Yukun, I am interested in large. Further on your argument. Your goon looked around him as if for support. But all his supporters were on the floor of the hall on Li L. Rick's friends dive into bar and similarly were nearby. Yet here, Koonu that his supporters were hearing every word and that he would lose face if he did not retaliate. Elrich could tell that you're kun would prefer to have retired from this confrontation choose another day and another ground on which to continue their battle. But that was not possible. Elrich himself had no which continue the foolish banter which, no matter how disguised, was a little better. Then the quarreling of two little girls over who should play with the slaves. First he decided to make an end of it. Er kun began Then let me suggest that an emperor who was physically weak might also be weak in his will to rule as befitted and overgrazed his hand. You have done enough, dear cousin, more than enough. You have weird yourself with this conversation when you would have preferred to dance. I am touched by your concern. But Now, I, too, feel we're in a steel upon me. Eric signaled for his old servant tangle Bones, who stood on the far side of the throne. Diaz amongst the soldiers tangle, bones, My cloak Elrich stood up. I think you're kidding for your thoughtfulness, cousin. He addressed the court in general. I was entertained. Now I retire. Tangle bones brought the cloak of white fox fur and place it around. His master shoulders tangle. Bones was very old and much taller than Elrich, though his back was stooped in, all his limbs seemed nodded and twisted back on themselves. Like the limbs of a strong old tree. Elrich walked across the Diaz and through the door, which opened into a corridor which led to his private apartments.