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Sample reading of The Maze Runner by James Dashner Chapter 11. This is a sample of me reading from the book.

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sample of Maze, Runner by James Dash ner Chapter 11. It looked as if Ben had recovered only slightly since thomas had seen him in the homestead. He wore nothing but shorts, his wider than white skin stretched across his bones like a sheet wrapped tightly around the bundle of sticks, rope like veins ran along his body pulsing and green, but less pronounced than the day before. His bloodshot eyes fell upon thomas as if he were seeing his next meal. Ben crouched ready to spring for another attack. At some point a knife had made an appearance gripped in his right hand, thomas was filled with queasy fear. Despite that this was happening at all. Ben thomas looked toward the voice, surprised to see Albee standing at the edge of the graveyard. A mere phantom. In the fading light relief flooded thomas's body. Albie held a large bow and arrow cocked for the kill pointed straight at Ben. Then Alby repeated, Stop right now, or you ain't gonna see tomorrow thomas looked back at Ben, who stared viciously at Alvie, his tongue darting between his lips to wet them. What could possibly be wrong with that kid thomas! Thought the boy had turned into a monster. Why if you kill me! Ben! Shriek! Spittle flying from his mouth far enough to hit thomas in the face, You'll get the wrong guy! He snapped his gaze back to thomas. He's the shank you want to kill! His voice was full of madness. Don't be stupid! Ben, now! He said, his voice calm as he continued to aim the arrow thomas just got here. Ain't nothing to worry about. Your still bugging from the changing. You should have never left your bed. He's not one of us been shouted, I saw him, He's he's bad. We have to kill him. Let me gut him, thomas took an involuntary step backwards, horrified by what Ben had said. What did he mean? He'd seen him. Why did he think thomas was bad? Albie hadn't moved his weapon and in still aiming for Ben, You leave that to me and the keepers to figure out shuck face. His hands were perfectly steady as he held the bow almost as if he had prompted against the branch for support. Right now, back your scrawny butt down and get to the homestead. He'll want to take his home and said, he'll want to get us out of the maze. Better! We all jumped off the cliff. Better we tore each other's guts out. What are you talking thomas began. Shut your face been screamed, shut your ugly trader! His face. Then I'll be said calmly. I'm gonna count to three. He's bad, he's bad, he's bad. Ben was whispering now, almost chanting. He swayed back and forth, switching the knife from hand to hand. Eyes glued on thomas. one bad, bad, bad, bad, bad