Audiobook - Horror/Thriller



From \"The Accursed Huntsman\" by Douglass Hoover.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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The Accursed Huntsman by Douglas Hoover. The patter of rain masked almost everything besides the rolling thunder and the smashing of his heart against his ribs. But after a few seconds he was able to make out another noise. Something was moving nearby. At first it was just the snap of a twig, then the slightest sound of suction as a foot lifted from the mud, then a muffled crumple as wet leaves compacted, underweight. Whatever it was, it was stalking Jack, and it was close. He knew he had no choice. They, whatever they were, and however many of them there were not only stood between him and the stuck utv, but between him and the forest at large, he'd effectively cornered himself against the ravines, 20 ft drop and he only had three rounds left in his pistol. Another wet foot fall this time even closer, and Jack knew he had to act. He still held the element of surprise. Maybe he could no, not on his belly, not pinned against a drop off and against unknown numbers, he needed to escape. It was his only option, as slowly and silently as he effectively could. Jack holstered his pistol and slid backwards along the ground. He froze as another branch snapped in the dark woods. Far closer than before. Finally he found a jutting stone that would bear his weight and he slowly released his grasp. In another few seconds he was pinned to the stonewall halfway down the ravines drop. One hand latched onto an old route and the other launched in a cold crevice, a thin line of water poured like a miniature waterfall from a divot in the ledge above. It wasn't until he finally eased himself out of the tiny waterfalls path that he heard the distinct huff of something sniffing at the air overhead, he pressed himself as flush as possible to the stone. Then a long shadow darkened the headlights, yellow glow directly above him. Every muscle in Jack's body tensed, A sharp ache seized in his back as his muscles cramped, he ignored it, letting the muscle spasm and explode with pain as he fought to maintain his grip on the stone wall. The shadow above remained there for a long agonizing minute, then slowly shifted away. Jack listened to the soft footfalls retreat, but still refused to move. Did it work? Margaret's voice shattered the world around him like a bomb. Then a second noise. A horrible, animalistic shriek erupted from just over the ledge. Jack grabbed for the radio at his waist, but in his rush to do so he lost his foothold for a second he was hanging from the old route. Then it broke. He hit the unforgiving ground of the ravine hard. The impact stunned him only for a second. Then he was on his feet and sprinting toward the ravines opening as fast as his prosthetic margate could carry him without thinking he tore the radio from his belt and threw it as hard as he could over the ravines far ledge. As he stumbled in front of the oversized oak he heard the telltale crash of something large charging toward him through the underbrush above. He made to turn, but another savage call rang out on the ravines far end. He was cut off. With no other choice. Jack bounded forward and dropped blindly into the gaping hole in the earth from which his adversaries had emerged. The drop was only 10 ft or so, but still managed to bring a shooting pain to his knee. As he splashed down on the wet stone floor, he rolled to his feet and stumbled away from the opening, pulling out his pistol and backing up until he felt a cold rock wall at his back. His heart hammered in his ears. He waited, not even daring to breathe. Jack tried to ignore the creeping knowledge that he was blind in here. Turning his focus and said to the small opening above him, he leveled his barrel, waiting for some horrible thing to come clawing its way down. Minutes passed only rainwater dribbled in through the opening. A flash of lightning spilled through the gap, illuminating the cave just enough for Jack to make out the four perfectly hewn stone walls surrounding him. It wasn't a cave. It was a tomb