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From \"Greyland\" by James L. Davis. Dialogue and action scene

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Greyland by James L. Davis. There was only one of the advocates still in her way. Elijah stood in front of a mound of fallen concrete smirking as she remembered. He always did, always smirking as he did when he injected her with ink, as he did when he watched her devour the helpless as he did when he tortured her. She didn't hide for cover, didn't duck the pulse blasts pointed her way. Hirsi was a blur in front of her, red and ruthless, deflecting everything. The last of the advocates was skilled. She struck him twice, but his armor protected. On the third strike he lifted his head, offering an opening, and Hirsi struck the orb pierced his neck and he fell. She heard a whistle in the distance but ignored it. She walked toward the smirking hulk of a man. She was going to kill Elijah site traced a circle before his hateful head as hers hummed above her right shoulder. His smile grew wider as she approached, arrogant, handsome, and evil. I've missed you, Jody, he said. She hated his voice, hated hearing it, say her name. This would be the last day it ever happened. He would die even if it killed her. Someone else could kill the Lord judge, ready to die because I'm ready to kill you. You can't defeat me, Jody. You never could, Jody threw herself at him. She hit kicked and lashed and Elijah deflected what he could and absorbed what he couldn't smiling. Always smiling, she leapt into the air and landed a kick to his chin drawing blood and for a moment, wiping away his hateful smile. She tried again and he clutched her ankle and tossed her aside. She landed ******* the deck and sprang to her feet as he advanced strength, trump skill. Most of the time I thought you learned that lesson, my love. He reached for her and she dodged away, landing an uppercut as she ducked beyond reach. If it hurt, he didn't show it, Jody howled and rushed kicking out with both feet to topple him over, and he grabbed her by her thighs, twisted and smothered her in his embrace. She could smell his breath washing over her as he pulled her near. She closed her eyes against his stare. It wouldn't end like this. It couldn't end like this. With one arm he pinned her against his frame while the other explored cupping her buttocks, her chest, and she refused to scream. I thought I might never hold you again, he hissed, strength, might trump skill, but sometimes if you were close enough, right has a chance to undo wrong! As Elijah bent his lips toward her, she thrust up and felt the clack of his teeth as they severed the tip of his tongue. Then finally Elijah grimaced, throwing back his head and she buried her teeth into his neck, he howled and threw her aside, but as she fell she took a bit of him with her Elijah cursed, dropping to his knee and grasping at the hole in his neck. There was a piece of him clenched in her teeth, and rather than spit it out, she began to chew, smiling a bloody smile. Elijah stumbled to his feet and reached for his slayer with one hand while the other stemmed the flow of blood. She kicked his weapon away and drew her own, knocking his feet from under him, he sprawled on the deck of the bay, and she pointed her slayer, chewing his flesh and then, swallowing, You may die now, if you choose, she pulled the trigger.