Audiobook - Romance



From \"Bone on Bone\" by Danielle Davis. Features a male narrating a female character

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Young Adult (18-35)


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The kissing machine by Danielle Davis. She looked down at the floor, seeming to weigh her words before she spoke them while she absently fingered the key necklace. When she straightened her smile was like the sun breaking over a rooftop at dawn. The way her face lifted as if a great weight had been taken from her made her seem both younger and more beautiful, in a way that made his clockwork heart ache. He had dreamed of her smiling like that at him, but couldn't remember ever actually seeing it in his waking moments before Amos. Why do you think I saved you? If I never saw you, as you say, why go through the effort of saving your life! He found himself half smiling back at her. Because you like to tinker with things. She laughed and he found himself laughing with her as if he were caught under some witches spell. The whole experience was surreal. He'd never seen her act this way with anybody else, though he knew he was closer to her than most. The laughter. The unguarded way she smiled up at him so wide he could see most of her small, perfect teeth. It was so close to his private fantasies. He was scared to trust it. I've never known how to talk to you! She confided you were this quiet intelligent boy who seemed to understand me better than anyone else, and I always seemed to be the apple in the basket of oranges. She glanced over at her bed. But then you got hurt and they didn't know what to do with you and I I felt my chance slipping away. She stepped forward and glanced at him as if asking permission. When he gave her a quizzical look, she pushed aside the lapels of his coat and began unbutton his shirt. This is not happening, he murmured. She favored him with a small smile and focused on the buttons. He wasn't sure which was more unbelievable, this unguarded version of Eddie or her being this close to him. If he bent his head just slightly, he'd be able to kiss her slightly pursed lips, touched the tip of her tongue with his the touch of her fingers on his skin made him gasp. They crapped like soft spider legs across the hair on his chest, over to the convex glass window protecting the gears that kept him alive. For some reason the skin there was always hotter than anywhere else on his body, likely from the friction produced by the never ceasing whirl of the gears motion with her palm against the glass. Her fingertips felt cool where they pressed against the skin just above the copper edge of the gear casing. He stared at her with a carefully blank expression, the one he'd perfected in her presence that hid the chaos he felt inside. He felt like he was experiencing every emotion he'd ever felt all at once, even if he appeared calm. He knew she felt the truth hammering away under her palm When she looked up at him. Her mouth was set in the familiar twist she had when she tried to explain complex mechanical concepts to him. That twist said, I know you won't understand, but I'm going to tell you anyway because no one else will listen. I didn't know how to talk to you when you were one of them, but I knew how to buy myself some time. And once I got in there she tapped the glass slightly. I got a better idea of how much I really don't know. You're the reason my heart beats! He blurted out. Of course I am. She responded in a matter of fact voice, and he realized how foolish and naive he sounded. He took a steadying breath. I just mean you didn't have to take me apart to know what made me tick. I'd gladly have told you if you'd asked. Then he bent his head and did kiss her, pressing his lips against the softness of hers as gently as if they were made of rice paper. She drew back and stared up at him with wide eyes. You've always had my heart Eddie, he whispered, even before you fiddled with it. She fingered the key that rested in the hollow of her throat. Do you want this back? I trust it with no other