Why is Anime so Popular? (Part 1)

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We discuss the rise of the anime industry and what makes it so appealing to the current market not only in Japan but Worldwide.

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anime is currently one of Japan's largest growing markets in the entertainment industry, with a growing audience from all around the world rising by the million's. Just last year, the Association of Japanese Animators conducted his yearly study of industry earnings, which found that for the sixth year in a row, the industry reached a new all time high, burning about 2.18 trillion yet which is equivalent to almost 11 billion U. S. Dollars. Animation itself is already more than a century old crazy right who some of the oldest old publishing's be invaded around the early 1900. Safe to say, it's really managed to stick around. But why is enemy so popular, or what makes it so popular? Hi, my name is Eddie, and welcome to the champ. Today we ask, Why is enemy so beloved? Not only in its place of origin in Japan, but now also in big markets like the West and worldwide, and without further ado, let's dive right into it