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this e learning course has been designed to give you the knowledge you need to operate the manual coding station correctly and safely. Therefore, by the end of this training, you will know why we manually code bags and the importance of manual coding. So let's start with the basics. One, actually is the manual coding station, and why's it needed in our airport? Employee evaluation is an important part of a supervisor's job. In this course, we'll take a close look at the personnel evaluation process and demonstrate how to conduct effective and meaningful evaluations at every level of responsibility at your financial institution. Click on the course features button to find out about the interactive elements of this course. Remember the day you were hired? Who could forget what with all the congratulations, the handshakes and the UN put down a ble code of ethics that you just couldn't wait to read over and over again. Right? And don't sweat it. We're well aware that the code isn't exactly the fast paced thriller you want to bring to the beach every year. This video aims to help sold the mystery by putting the coat into perspective and highlighting its importance