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I have extensive experience in long and short form E-Learning pieces whether it be highly technical or simple instructions for a fun product.

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introduction to the My Osa activities. Hi there. My name is Maya. Together, we're going to help you retrain your breathing and muscles to function better by completing simple activities, we will assist you in your treatment with the my Osa T M J BDs appliances that you've started using. We now know that the causes of jaw joint problems also referred to his T M J disorder as well as breathing and sleep problems started childhood. These incorrect habits restrict jaw growth, and although it may be more difficult to address jaw development problems in adulthood, this activities program can assist in achieving better health outcomes. If your child has been prescribed an opioid or any medication as part of their treatment or recovery, it's important to remember a few easy tips in order to ensure that your family is supporting your child's health and safety. First, make sure that an adult is using the dozing device that came with the medicine for pills. The adult providing the medicine should keep track of how many pills are left after each dose. Unfortunately, not everyone can be trusted around prescription medication. Make sure Onley trusted adults giving the medication have access to it. In the next few minutes, you will learn the basics of crate training your new puppy. When you bring your pop home for the first time, you should already have its crate set up with newspapers or a soft rug or tower. If your new puppy is younger than 10 weeks, when you bring him home, we suggest placing an exercise pen around the crate.