Commercial Demo - 2019

Television Ad


This demo showcases a wide range of vocals and includes mostly booked work, including Stein Mart for which I am the national voice of.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Alexa, show me something exciting. Introducing a revolutionary new technology from beyond TV. Okay, wait. Okay, hang on. Hang on. All right. Hearing out. Nothing wraps you in luxury like smitten chocolates. Yeah, that's better. Get the brands. You know, at prices you'll love Stein Mart. Saving is a beautiful thing. Oh, my friends from Comcast are here. Hi, Russ. Hi, Bill. Love, Love loan. Comcast Cares Day. I can't wait. Not everybody thinks you're a school, Is your kid? Does. But the king of trucks can help. Have you made the drive yet? Ask your doctor if music is right for you. Common side effects include spontaneous happiness, connection to others. Movement of the head and feet and the persistence of echoing catchy melodies make awesome insomnia. No, I really like the last one. I think it's fear. Celexa, Turn the lights out. Yeah, that's her up