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Describing what and who Sarah Cannon is in the world of cancer research.

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Sarah Cannon is the real name of the grand old Opry's star, Minnie Pearl. Our team helped her fight cancer, so she gave us her name to promote cancer research and care. Sarah Cannon begin in 1993 with two academic researchers who started the first community based research program outside of the university. With most patients treated in the community, we knew expanding access to clinical trials was critical. Then. Dr Skipper is pioneered the first community based Phase one drug development program in the world because patients need access to the latest treatments without needing to travel far from home. Sarah Cannon became international in 2000 and nine, setting up the first clinical trials program for patients outside of the NHS. In 2012, Sarah Cannon became the Cancer Institute of Hcea Healthcare. Together, we help more than 120,000 people diagnosed with cancer each year throughout our network. Sarah Cannon is in 16 regions across the US and UK, and counting. Sarah Cannon has programs in nearly 100 hospitals, with hundreds of physicians conducting Sarah Cannons Research. Today, Sarah Cannon has conducted more than 451st in human clinical trials. Sarah Cannon has been a leader in the vast majority of approved cancer therapies over the last decade. Each year, Sarah Cannon studies more than 200 potential therapies across our sites and enrolls more than 3000 patients on clinical trials Across our network, Sarah Cannon has grown to not only offer clinical research but also address the entire continuum of care. Sarah Cannon is one of the largest providers of radiation oncology services, with more than 50 facilities across the U. S. And U. K Sarah Cannon has a network of transplant and cellular therapy programs and is one of the leading providers of hematopoietic cell transplants and cellular therapies in the world, providing these therapies for more than 1200 patients each year. That's more than 1300 hematopoietic cell transplants and cellular therapies. Since the inception of our programs today, we have more than 200 oncology trained nurse navigators helping patients through every step of their cancer journey. In 2017, Gino Space became the precision medicine platform of Sarah Cannon by joining forces Sarah Cannon and Gino Space harness and use molecular profiling data to more effectively match cancer patients. Thio cutting edge therapies in clinical trials. Sarah Canon continues to be a leader in the industry by delivering novel therapies and redefining the standard for cancer care. Get to know Sarah Cannon.