Emily April Liu - HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) Reel



From Zendaya's voice to Elsa's from Frozen 2. Just some of the voices I do for HISHE! ;)

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


African (General) British (General) North American (General) Russian


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Hi, I'm Ellie. I'm bitten by the way. Yeah, but it's cool. I'm immune. So I'm like a super important cure type thingy. You said to select the ideal website of configuration for this scenario. So I activated instant kill. The shattering core has detonated and caused structural damage to the elevator. My friends are up there so like why can't you just wish everyone back to their homes and then do the forget Mysterio spell. You are such a poser. Oh hey look at me. I saved everyone. Watch me gave that the enemy swiftly approaching. Don't be stupid. Come on, we're living. Oh no, I'm being captured. If only I had a device that would allow me to magically escape back to my own time. Oh right, okay. I've come all this way. Let's figure this out. Mm hmm. Wind, fire, water, Earth. What's this all about? A place in the middle? What does it mean? The fifth spirit must remain What? Hold on. You can use the force and hold the lightsaber after you're dead. They are shooting at us luckily our car is bulletproof. Yes. Now I climb out into the open to attack. You're going to what? What do you mean? You're like Captain America. You just carry a shield with a star on it fought in a world war and had a boyfriend named steve that was going to sacrifice himself in a plane. Oh, I see it now. Hi Joel. You finally reached the end of the story. I mean the new firefly base. Yeah. Sounds normal to me