Emily April Liu - Anime Demo Reel



A compilation of lines from anime's that have inspired me.

In order of appearance: Kono Oto Tomare, Star Wars: Visions, Fruits Basket, My Hero Academia

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North American (General)


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leap through time, like the wind and wish it's like right now, this amazing moment. I know that moments like these are kind of fleeting. So sometimes I wish I could find a way to make these days last forever. You know? Do you think I fear death? Did you forget Carre? We are twins born from the dark side of the force we were made to bring back order with this power that transcends even death itself. Must I remind you of the purpose of your birth? Your reason for living is something that you need to decide or discover for yourself. Sometimes your purpose might seem uncertain or unstable. You might even lose your reason. But as long as you're alive and you want to keep looking, you'll find another one. No matter how many different ways. I look at the situation, I get the same answer. The enemies want me to use my quirk. My quirk has many applications. They can't account for all the things that I might make, which is why they're doing this. I need to save them. No, I will save them. You should rest. I can't I'm not done yet. You're tired. I can push through it. I can't just stop now. A hero never gives up. I'll keep fighting. I'll break myself. Even if there's nothing left of me. I will win the way. I want to. I'll destroy myself before I accept defeat at your hands. You got that