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What? You're kicking me off the team. You can't be serious. I'm the best soccer player at the school. I don't want to play for your stupid team Anyway, I quit. I can still keep the shirt right chicks kinda dig it the powder. It's just like led told us if we add enough to the formula, we might be able to reverse the spell. It's utterly brilliant. I don't know about this guys. This place looks pretty scary. I think we should just leave guys. Oh what new up at that chocolate bar somewhere? Did you see Riley following me like a little lost puppy. It's so pathetic. Riley! Is that a new dress? It's totally your color. Morning Julia. Come on in love. Oh, you don't look your noble cheery self. You sit tight. I'll make us a brew attention shoppers. We have a lost child in our three is wearing a red shirt and answers to the name Spider man. If you're missing a little superhero, please come and collect him as he's currently trying to scale the cereal boxes. Thank you Until we'd like to sing our next song. Me. I want to sing Beautiful! Come closer, my dear, that's it. Now tell me, what is it your heart desires. There must be something Welcome to sparkling shine. We're so excited to have you here with us today. What will it be, manicure, manicure lashes. Come on in, take a seat. Credit to get over here we've got. Hello! Thank you for calling shop a shoe. You're through to Janine. How can I help you, transferring you now? Please hold the line transfer. Transfer transfer. Hello helps.