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    Brat Voices

    Do you need a bratty voice that can get on anyone's nerves in just seconds? Do you need that perfect whiney voice that convinces you to just yell, 'alright!'?

    The brat is an ill-mannered, whiny, and annoying or otherwise immature individual. Generally, this term is applied to children, but it can be applied to adults as well. Brats often do not show gratitude, rebel against legitimate authorities, disobey rules, think only of themselves, and complain when things do not go their way. Brats are spoiled, and have exceedingly high expectations for how others should treat them and how high their standard of living should be. They desire to be the centre of attention, and want to get things instantly.

    Examples of bratty behaviour include temper tantrums, whining, talking back, swearing, being spiteful, complaining, having a bossy demeanour, being mean to peers and so on. Specific examples may include kids complaining about presents they have received, complaining repeatedly on a car ride about their boredom even when told to be quiet, refusing to do chores and picking on classmates. In adulthood, the brat may also be greedy, self-centred, unfriendly, and hold unrealistic standards in dating or in work.

    The brat is a whiny, ill-mannered and self-centred character, and shares many similarities with the annoying kid. Expressing that annoyance and selfishness can result in you playing a believable brat.

    Whether it's for an advertising campaign, cartoon, audiobook, video game or more, a brat voice can deliver the annoying line that sends the listener over the edge. Explore our fantastic selection of brats voices by the world's largest selection of professional voice actors.