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bearded dragons get their name from the spiked scales below their jaw, which, when puffed up, resemble a beard there only natural to the desert regions of Australia. But in the last 20 years, they've become a popular pet here in the United States. Why bring one of them into your home? Because bearded dragons are friendly, smart and very easy to handle. The Olympic Peninsula in Washington state is one of the wildest, most beautiful regions in the country. Coastline is breathtaking, with rugged cliffs that run high along the rocky shore, and the mountains are simply stunning, surrounded by ancient cedar trees and majestic sapphire lakes. When choosing a laptop, the first step is deciding how you plan to use it. Will you be creating a lot of digital media like videos and interactive presentations? If that's the case, a Mac book is your best bet. If you're more of a generalised, the flexibility of a Windows PC, maybe the better option. Like all method actors, Daniel Day Lewis stays in character the entire time he's filming a movie. But Day Lewis takes it to a new level, like when he was filming The Last of the Mohicans he would only eat food that he killed in skin himself. And while filming the age of innocence, he walked around New York wearing a top hat for two whole months.