The Voices In My Head



3 Different Animated Character Voices I created.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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Hm. Oh, yeah. So I was like, uh, saying there, I was doing what I do, taking some naps going for a spin on the wheel, you know, dropping some pellets behind the couch if you know what I mean? You know, just living my best life and, oh, excuse me in my own and mixes some fortified food in my forage and boom, my taste buds are doing the happy dance. You know. How do you make? Excuse me? Oh, my galaxy. How embarrassing being a dragon isn't all fun in flames. You know, you can't see what I did there. Yeah. Oh, yes. Yes. I'm kind of a big deal but don't tell anyone I told you of course, would hate for them to think I had a big head. Uh, do I, do I have a big head? I mean, it's normal dragon size, I think. Mhm. Do you really believe you can win this war? Perhaps you should consider reevaluating your, oh, how should I say this? Your lofty ambitions?