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This sample was recorded at Edge Studio NYC - the scripts collected by me and approved by my lovely coach.

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the kung slid on trail stretches from him even to a Biscoe in lapland. You will hike through a breathtaking alpine landscape with the most stunning birch forest Sweden has to offer. In summer, the midnight sun will almost tempt you to just keep on walking and in winter there's a good chance of seeing northern lights dance against the nightly sky. Vitamin B 12 benefits your metabolism because it's needed to convert carbohydrates into usable glucose in the body. Glucose from carbohydrate foods is used as a form of energy. So this is the reason why people with vitamin B 12 deficiencies often experience fatigue in a remote area north of the arctic circle, at the foot of the slot is in glacier. One of the world's most exciting sustainable hotel projects is underway slated to open in 2021 south of the border in northern Norway. The swat hotel will operate with 85% less energy consumption compared to modern hotels, will harvest its own energy and will implement numerous energy positive initiatives that will set a new standard and sustainable travel, breathe in peace, let go of control, breathe in new possibilities. Let go of stagnant ways on your breath out, breathe in a new paradise, float within it, Let go and surrender to this. They represent the most influential consumer segment on the planet. They are the visionaries, the innovators, the thought leaders of our times and they are also the most coveted, desired and elusive for almost 50 years. There's only been one vehicle which consistently delivers access to the most powerful community in the world. The economist design is at the intersection of art and science, a force driven by creativity and guided by knowledge, a place where ingenuity and accuracy work in concert here, vision forges the path while precision illuminates the way when your business is giving life to imagination, anything short of perfection is just ordinary. This is our world, the world of clear conscience.