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This is an audio clip from my podcast \"The Harmony of Stories\", which I produce and publish myself. In this recording I introduce my guest for the episode. You'll hear an ad or recommendation for a herb store in the first few minutes.

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Good rising. Everybody. Today is Tuesday, June 6th and it is 730 in the morning. I am enjoying a cup of my Appalachian grown Mountain Multi tea. It has got a ton of stuff in it like nettle and lemon balm, hibiscus milky oats, strawberry leaf, violet leaf, lemon peel and licorice. If you live in southeastern Kentucky or near the Cumberland Gap area in Tennessee, I invite you to visit my friend Chelsea's charming herb store that is where I got my tea from. She makes the best tea blends and they offer a lot of other herbal medicine products as well. The shop is called Hill Folk and it is in the town square in Cumberland Gap, Tennessee. It is one of my most favorite places. Hill Folk have also just started a farmer's market in the square which runs from June until October my family and I attended their opening night and it was wonderful. There was live music, locally grown meat and produce healthy drinks, baked goods and cooked dinners, basically everything that I love. I got to try soup, beans and corn bread for the first time too. It was yummy. Anyway, I have a very powerful episode to share with you today. I sat down with my friend Heaven and we covered a lot. She spoke on topics that both she and I are passionate about like homeschooling hospital and natural birth, birth trauma, permaculture, motherhood, vaccine injuries, and healing from disease naturally and holistically, having myself experienced trauma and dissonance from the health care system. The topics Heaven and I talked about are ones that I hold close to my heart. I am very passionate about empowerment, self advocacy and learning how to tap into your own healing abilities. Also, the rise of the divine feminine is something that I care about deeply and has been a huge part of my journey in this realm. People all over the world are reclaiming their power and remembering who they truly are. It is nothing short of stunning to witness and this episode speaks to that energy a lot. I am just so impressed with heaven. She shares incredible stories of healing herself from debilitating illnesses, particularly picos and I BS heaven and her stories of overcoming adversity and coming out the other side, happier and stronger than ever. Just wow. She is a testament to the strength and resilience of women and the fire that is motherhood and the undying flame that is the human spirit. Heaven is currently studying to become a doula breastfeeding counselor and lactation consultant. She does a lot of work in those spaces and others. If you would like to connect with her. You will find her social media pages in the show notes. She has put together an amazing resource which she offers for free called Heaven's Birth Binder, a holistic guide to a spiritual and natural birth. You will find a link to that in the show notes as well. This episode is a hard hitting emotional one. I know you will get a lot out of it. Just as I did, I mentioned a line from a song during our conversation. It was everything that looks bad is a blessing, carrying us to know our very strengths. It is from a song called This is What Our Love Looks Like by Jason Mraz. And that is our song of the week. Links to that in the show notes, the two books that I mentioned are vaccines, autoimmunity and the changing nature of childhood illness by Dr Tom Cowen and Women who run with the wolves by Clara Seppala Estes. Highly, highly recommend those I will include those titles in the show notes as well for anyone interested.