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There's no doubt people are looking for another way. But what are the options for making more money? Well, you could go back to school and get a better job. That's great if you have time to go to school and the money. Did you realise that the average tuition for a two year MBA programme exceeds £40,000? A good school is more like £70,000 and that doesn't even come with the guarantee of a job. What about a franchise? Awesome. Great idea. How about a subway? It's one of the cheapest. Of course. They child a £10,000 franchise fee and start up costs over £75,000 and you get to manage teenagers and smell like cold cuts all day. How about the new gig economy, You know, like lift you bow insta card? Well, the average uber or lyft driver earns on average £11 per hour. The question you have to ask is, how many extra hours do you have in a day toe? Work these kinds of businesses, and is it even worth it?